Strawberry cream cheese Trifle

Strawberry Cream Cheese Trifle

Strawberry shortcake is wonderful.   This dessert has been served up in so many delightful arrangements.  Sweet cake, berries and sweetened cream,  you really can't go wrong with this combination.  So good in fact, that many have tried to recreate this taste in other forms, such as the all-time favorite strawberry shortcake bar or strawberry shortcake yogurt.  So I decided to get a little creative and try making my own very special version of this dessert.  


1 Easy Way Keep Fruit and Vegetables Fresh Longer

I detest throwing food away, especially when it comes to produce.  For this reason, I recently purchased a few specialty containers made by Rubbermaid. They are designed to allow ethylene gases to escape, prolonging the freshness of the items within.  To see if the containers did all they proclaimed to, I decided to put them to the… Continue Reading