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Organized Containers

Ahh, the benefits of being totally organized!  Are you thinking about getting your kitchen pantry organized?  When I decided to start a cooking blog, I began by trying out and testing so many different recipes.   I suddenly realized that my kitchen pantry was a definite cause of stress.  It was a total mess!  So I took a day and starting organizing.

Getting Started

I began by removing everything and placing things on the kitchen counters in categories: breakfast foods, baking items, snacks, canned goods, and pots and pans.

Pantry contents
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Pantry contents

Unfortunately, I have no before picture to show you, but at the time I didn’t know that this would be a subject of one of my posts.  It was when I starting placing items back into the pantry that I realized that stressed feeling was melting away.

You Can Do It Too!

For all of your baking ingredients use some clear plastic storage containers like Oxo and place the items inside.  I prefer containers that you can see through because:

  • You can easily find what you are looking for while cooking.
  • When it’s time to go grocery shopping, you can also see when supplies are getting low with just a glance.
  • Just a neat and clean appearance in general.
  • They are stackable, which means they take up less space.
  • They are dishwasher safe.

For a less expensive storage option, try Ball Wide Mouth Pint 16-Ounce Glass Mason Jar with Lids and Bands, 12-Count mason jars.  I found these work really well for smaller amounts.

Mason Jars
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Mason Jars for budget organization.

For other items, you can use some cute, colored, see-through baskets and use those for harder to reach top shelves.

To maximize narrow areas,  use a tall mesh organizer for items like shopping bags, potatoes, and bread.  This type of rack makes things you use often very easy to access.

Mesh Organizer
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Mesh Organizer

For pots and pans and baking dishes, put those on lower shelves, as some can be quite heavy.  This will help you avoid dropping heavier items on your head.  Ouch!

Systematically place items in the same category on the same shelf until you have a nicely organized pantry.

Organized Pantry
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Organized pantry

With so many different options out there, there is no reason to put it off.  Easy access and visibility is the key to an envied pantry. When you are organized in the kitchen, cooking is a breeze! Now, how about Broccoli Chicken Casserole!

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Hello, I am Susan and creator of mylovingoven.com. I live in the beautiful state of New Hampshire. I love to cook and all that it entails, including finding that perfect recipe, gathering the ingredients, then adding my personal flare. I have many passions and cooking is one of them. I also enjoy hiking, biking, trail running and travel but most of all spending time with my family and friends in that all time favorite place to gather, the kitchen. Preparing food for the ones I love is pure joy!

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