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Photo of Susan author of My Loving Oven.  Blond shoulder length hair, blue eyes.  She is sitting on a stool in a kitchen
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Welcome to My Loving Oven!

Hi! I am Susan, the author of My Loving Oven. So this is for all of you who are taking the time to get to know me, the author and cook.

Why did I start a food blog?

This part is easy,  I love cooking, and I love to be creative in the kitchen.   I am not a professional cook or chef, but I do love the adventure of trying to create something new and delicious.  Luckily,  my husband loves to be the official taste-tester!

We live in the beautiful lakes region of New Hampshire and together we raised a blended family of six amazing kids together. Yes, that’s right, six. Our friends and family coined us the ” The Brady Bunch”. Today our kids are all grown, and now we are blessed with five adorable grandchildren!

Where the love began…

When I was in my twenties, I worked as a part-time prep cook in a fine dining restaurant. It was then that I realized I enjoyed the entire process of putting a meal together and making it look appetizing. Working alongside many talented young chefs who were trained at Johnson & Wales University’s School of Culinary Arts, I prepared salad plate after salad plate, sometimes as many as 250 a night! Ok, the salad part was definitely not the highlight. The highlight was watching the chefs and learning so much from them. Many of them giving me tips on how to slice and dice without cutting my fingers off, or how to make a basic vegetable stock. I loved every minute of it!

My passion for cooking is my driving force, but the real inspiration comes from being able to watch my family enjoy the food I prepare. This blog reflects food I serve my own family, with the strong effort to minimize processed foods in our diet. I hope you enjoy making these recipes for your family.

Thanks for stopping in…

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