10 Simple Tricks for the Best Pizza Crust Ever!

homemade pizza
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Cooked pizza

Whether you are making pizza dough from scratch or buying dough from the supermarket, you can have a delicious crust made in your own kitchen.  Have you ever tried to stretch out pizza dough onto a pan with olive oil on it and trying everything to get it to stay in that stretched position on the pan?  It can be very frustrating.  Here are a few tricks to help you avoid the frustration.

Old cookie sheet
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  • Turn oven on at highest temperature. ( do not use convection)
  • Start with dough that has reached room temperature.
  • Take an old cookie sheet, you know the one, that old, blackened, non-stick cookie sheet that you just haven’t had the chance to throw out yet. This will make the best pizza crust!
prepared cookie sheet
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  • Smear cold Crisco shortening onto the pan. Using Crisco, instead of oil,  helps the dough stick to the baking sheet.

best homemade Pizza dough
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  • Stretch your room temperature dough out to the edges of the pan
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  • Very Important Step here —>Let the dough sit in the pan for at least 15 minutes to rest in the stretched position, otherwise, it may shrink in the oven once the Crisco heats up.
  • Put your favorite toppings on the pizza
Best Homemade Pizza
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  • Place your pizza in the oven on the second rack from the bottom of the oven.
  • Cook for about 10-15 minutes.  This will vary based on how hot your oven will get.
  • Cool just enough not to burn the roof of your mouth when eating. ( Sometimes this is the hardest part!).
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