Rosemary Duchess Potatoes- An Exquisite Side!

What would we do without potatoes? It’s hard to fathom isn’t it? They make the perfect satisfying side dish for any meal. Mashed potatoes with butter, cream, egg, and now with an added savory rosemary infusion! These Rosemary Duchess Potatoes are the perfect side for your Filet Mignon or Norma’s Pork Tenderloin! When making mashed… Continue Reading

Crispy Bread

3 Deliciously Easy Artisan Bread Recipes

When it comes it to bread, you can’t find anything more satisfying than a crusty artisan bread.   You know the type,  a  crispy, crunchy crust with the inside that is soft and chewy  and so utterly delicious.   So, why is it called artisan bread? Artisans are craftsmen, it’s the craft or art of… Continue Reading