iGrill2 by Weber – Using Technology to Cook the Perfect Steak!

How to cook to medium rare

Perfectly medium rare steak

Cooking on the Barbeque? You better keep a close eye on those steaks, you wouldn’t want to overcook them, right?   Whether you are cooking a roast in your oven, or a steak on the barbeque, the iGrill2 by Weber makes cooking meat a breeze.  Cook your roast or steak and entertain at the same time without the fear of overcooking them.  More time to spend with guests, less time in the kitchen.

Always Use a Thermometer

No matter how you like your meat cooked, rare, medium,  or well-done, a meat thermometer can be your saving grace.  It keeps you from undercooking or overcooking and ruining a meal.    When using the Weber iGrill 2 Thermometer you will no longer need to hover over your oven or grill to ensure the desired doneness.  Just download the app., plug the probe into the meat and let your phone tell you when your meat is the perfect temperature.  Sounds too good to be true, well it’s not!  Let me tell you how this all works.


 digital meat thermometer


The iGrill2  is a  handy little gadget.  It comes with 2 Pro Meat Probes, the digital thermometer unit and 2 handy probe wraps (these help you keep the probes safely stored when not in use).   The thermometer unit is designed to hold up to 4 separate probes ( additional probes are available for purchase if needed).  This allows you to cook up to 4 pieces of meat at different temperatures.  Just pair the device with your phone and it is ready for use.

Best Results

Do you need to use the app with this device?  No, you can use the digital thermometer like any other meat thermometer if you want. But, by using the app. it allows you to choose the temperature for each different probe being used.  Cook steaks, pork or whatever type of meat you want at the same time to the desired temperature.  Don’t worry if you don’t know what temperature to cook that particular type of meat, the app allows you to pick the meat type, choose the doneness level,  then choose the preset temperatures.  Just select your settings and your phone will let you know when the meat is done.  Brilliant!!

The design is simple and easy to use.  It has one on/off switch and left and right arrow buttons that allow you to scroll from one probe to the next.  It also has a magnetic base that you can attach to the barbeque.  The probes are also color coded.  

When cooking meat that you need to flip, I generally wait until the desired temperature is at the half-way point and then turn the meat.  This technique always gives perfect results.   Don’t forget to allow the meat to rest before cutting, this will keep the juices in the meat.

The iGrill2 is the perfect gift for the barbeque enthusiast or for your everyday meat-lover.  I love using mine!  Today, with torrential downpours outside, I made this delicious steak with my oven broiler.

Try cooking Norma’s Easy and Delicious Pork Tenderloin using the iGrill2 meat thermometer for perfectly cooked pork tenderloin.


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