Spicy Shrimp Stir Fry with Basil

Delicious and slightly spicy shrimp stir fry. Shrimp sautéed with red bell pepper, garlic, onion, broccoli and fresh basil. This easy shrimp stir fry is placed over a fragrant jasmine rice for a fresh and healthy meal. Loaded with fresh veggies you can get your daily veggie intake in just one delicious meal! This recipe… Continue Reading

Lobster roll with pinwheel and flower

Best New England Style Lobster Roll

When most people think of Cape Cod, they think of quaint little villages by the sea with streets lined with Artisan shops filled with every souvenir imaginable.  But when I think of Cape Cod, I think about my family and lobster rolls. Every summer as a child and into adulthood, my family packs up and… Continue Reading

Baked lobster macaroni and cheese

Lobster Mac and Cheese for Two

Nothing screams  “Summer in New England” like lobster.  No matter how you enjoy this crustacean, whether it’s fresh and steamed, baked and stuffed, or my favorite, in a creamy macaroni and cheese, it always aims to please. It’s a once a summer indulgence for me that I won’t give up, kind of like fried clams.… Continue Reading