Cheesy Broccoli Air Fryer Croquettes in an air fryer basket

Cheesy Broccoli Air Fryer Croquettes Recipe

Air fryer croquettes? You betcha!! Not only are you getting a crispy air fried croquettes, you’re getting ones filled with delicious broccoli and cheese. This cheesy broccoli air fryer croquettes recipe is a great hot appetizer or everyday side dish. I like the word croquette, it is French deriving from the word “croquer”, or to… Continue Reading

Melt in Your Mouth Sweet Dinner Rolls Recipe

Who is bringing the rolls for dinner this Easter? Why not you? These easy, sweet, melt in your mouth rolls can be your perfect dinner contribution! Pop them into an Easter basket and you also have a cute Easter centerpiece. These rolls are deliciously light, and airy with a hint of sweetness. The two ingredients… Continue Reading

New Year's Eve dessert

Happy Anniversary My Loving Oven!

Well it’s hard to believe My Loving Oven is one year old today! Thank you WordPress for the reminder email😉. I really can’t believe a year has gone by. One year ago today, I opened a WordPress account not knowing a thing about blogging. What I did know is that I loved food and I… Continue Reading

Crispy Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies piled on a plate

Deliciously Dunk-Worthy! Coco-Choco Oatmeal Cookies

Doesn’t everyone just love home baked cookies? These Coco-Choco Oatmeal Cookies are deliciously snappy, in taste and texture! With blended oatmeal, coconut, and Nestle’s Toll House’s three ingredient chocolate chips, these cookies are the perfect compliment to a cold glass of milk. Crispy enough for dunking, these aren’t your average oatmeal cookies! When it comes… Continue Reading

Sliced egg-stuffed pepper on toast covered with hollandaise sauce

Delicious Low-Carb, Egg-Stuffed Peppers!

Looking for a way to energize and brighten your day? These little breakfast gems look the part, with bright exterior colors and a layered interior. Your eyes and stomach will thank you! One of these low- carb, egg- stuffed peppers will get your morning off to a healthy start. They are filled with egg, mushroom… Continue Reading

heart shaped cream filled doughnuts

Donut you love me many more?

“Yes, of course I still love you my dear donut, but, as much as I do want many more, I will only have one” …and then a cow flew by!! Just one, who are you kidding? This batch makes 15!! Oh no, that definitely spells trouble, so I am going to have to give some… Continue Reading